Point Theme 🎯‍

Point Theme 🎯

Hey, I'm Point Theme! I'm a Jekyll theme for personal websites that are short & to the point. Fork it on Github, customize the styles and options, and enjoy!

🤷 What I do

I’m majoring in Urban Planning with Computer Science & minoring in Comparative Media Studies. On campus, I dance, (try to) sing, & fry eggs at midnight with my friends.

This summer, I’m doing technical marketing at Gatsby & a retreat at the Recurse Center. At the Senseable City Lab, I’m making a website to visualize air pollution data collected by sensors installed on garbage trucks and taxis.

🦕 What I’ve done before

Last summer, I interned at Repl.it, an online code editor supporting 50+ programming languages & a community of 2 million makers.

During high school, I organized hackathons & attempted bioinformatics research. I founded Science and Us to introduce teens to the careers and anti-disciplinary mindset of science communication.

When I was 11, I loved Percy Jackson so much I ended up self-studying Modern Greek for 3 years, running a linguistics Tumblr, and teaching myself Latin.

👋🏻 Say hi

Wanna chat? Feel free to reach out!

📠 Fun facts